OTS x Soft Origin

We’ve teamed up with Soft Origin.


“Soft Origin is thrilled to partner with One Tech Space, a revolutionary platform that is transforming the landscape of how people discover software. The prospect of finding diverse software solutions all in one centralised place is not only innovative but aligns seamlessly with our commitment to simplifying and enhancing the tech discovery process. We are excited about the opportunity to collaborate and support new tech entrepreneurs through this partnership. We aim to empower emerging talents to build and launch exceptional products, contributing to the ever-evolving tech ecosystem.”

Soft Origin

Introducing Soft Origin. We are a tech company focused on innovation, distruption and we’re always looking to change the game to pioneer tomorrow’s digital world. Our team crafts experiences, not just in software, pushing boundaries in cutting edge AI tech. Fuelled with passion, we challenge the norms with immense energy to create the extraordinary, here to redefine tech and here to make changes.

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At Soft Origin, we love developing amazing products using the latest technology available. Over the past decade, we’ve crafted solutions ranging from SaaS platforms and booking systems to matchmaking and fundraising applications. Our expertise also extends to mobile video chat technology and tap and pay solutions. It’s been an incredible journey of innovation and advancement.

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 A Decade of Building

Over the past decade, Soft Origin has led the charge in technological innovation, revolutionising industries with groundbreaking solutions. We’ve collaborated with businesses and the third sector, delivering tailored solutions that drive success and impact.